Man on the Moon

Moon Landing no 6

This was a doubly exciting time for me and my family. We were also awaiting the birth of my sister-in-law, Helen’s twins, Stuart and Becky. I took these photos of the TV screen with my little Polaroid camera that night. The phone call telling us of the twins birth, came between the lunar landing and the walk on the moon. A very thrilling time for us.

Man on the Moon

I was sitting on the floor watching our little black and white TV
Waiting to witness an event that would create history

I watched them slip the bonds of earth and soar into the blue
Praying to God to guide them, as they disappeared from view

I heard, “the Eagle has landed” and breathed a thankful sigh
In 1969 the world forever changed on the 20th of July

Then down the ladder I saw emerging on the grainy TV screen
The first man to set foot on the moon, an awe inspiring scene

Those words would be forever etched in our memories for all time
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Adventurers blazed the trails on earth, their names became renown
But none had left this soil before and walked on lunar ground

As new lives came into our world, old pursuits were being conquered
The way we view the celestial sky will forever now be altered

It was an astounding achievement, an awesome heroic quest
Americans made it to the moon, our brightest and our best

Now when I look up in the sky and see the moon aglow
I remember when man first walked there, fifty years ago

Sue Ikerd
July 15, 2019 ©

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Remember Me


Remember Me
A Tribute to all Veterans

The young soldier was dying in a God forsaken place
With pleading eyes he looked up into the medic’s face
As he clutched the medic’s hand in fear and agony
The last words the soldier whispered were, “remember me”

How many soldiers fought and died in a long forgotten war
How many drew their last breath on a distant shore
Young men and women served so we could now live free
I hear the echos from their graves crying please remember me

How many faces now forgotten lie beneath a stone
Etched into cold marble is the single word Unknown
Those who made it home would never be the same
With hidden scars and wounds, they are forever maimed

Young people in their prime facing fear and death
Fighting for their country with their dying breath
Memories of brave soldiers, now sadly growing dim
Each year on Veteran’s Day let us remember them

Sue Ikerd

November 10, 2018©

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My Mother’s Not Home Anymore

My Mother’s Not Home Anymore
A dear friend’s mother was going through the ravages of Alzheimer’s. I wrote this for her.

My mother’s not home anymore
No one answers when I knock on the door
The light in the window doesn’t shine like before
My mother’s not home anymore

The stately old place now a shambles
Perplexing paths filled with brambles
A puzzling confusion of bewildered rambles
My mother’s not home anymore

I recall days of love and laughter
That once filled this house from floor to rafter
What happened to happily ever after
My mother’s not home anymore

Behind drawn curtains sometimes a glimmer
That reflects back before things got dimmer
Treasured times we shared are now slimmer
My mother’s not home anymore

I’m missing those memories we were making
As each recollection time is taking
The key is hidden and there’s no awaking
My mother’s not home anymore

For a moment an image brings a light to her eyes
But the candle just flickers and the flame soon dies
The glow is now gone that I can not reprise
My mother’s not home anymore

The old house still remains but the soul is transcending
A new dwelling’s built as an old one is ending
Too late for repairs and the hurts that need mending
My mother’s not home anymore

My mother’s not home anymore
But one day God will open the door
Her soul will be free, her spirit will soar
And she’ll be at home evermore

Sue Ikerd
September 7, 2012©

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Let Us Remember

010912-N-3235P-003 Arlington. Va. (Sept. 13, 2001) -- Military servicemembers render honors as fire and rescue workers unfurl a huge American flag over the side of the Pentagon during rescue and recovery efforts following the 11 Sept. terrorist attack. The attack came at approximately 9:40 a.m. as a hijacked commercial airliner, originating from Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport, was flown into the southern side of the building facing Route 27.  U.S. Navy photo by Michael W. Pendergrass.  (RELEASED)

Let Us Remember

For those too young to understand, and those not born yet
Those unable to remember what we must not forget
Planes crashing into the towers, flames filling up the sky
Jumpers from the buildings, knowing they would die
Brave firefighters and first responders rushing to their aid
While we gasped in disbelief, bowed our heads and prayed
Then as the towers fell we watched and held our breath
Wondering how many lives were lost, how many met their death
When the plane struck the Pentagon we tried to understand
What evil had been unleashed across this great land
The last target was averted by heroes brave and bold
In a lonely Pennsylvania field with the words “Let’s roll”
We were proudly patriotic as old Glory was unfurled
Displayed our love of God and country to the people of the world
We filled the churches on that Sunday and turned to God in prayer
Pleading for Divine protection and to keep us in His care
America came together, and showed the world we were strong
We vowed, “justice would be done” and we would right this wrong
But America is now divided, our country is torn apart
Each person must search inside, deep into each heart
I pray we will come together and once again remember
How we became united on that Tuesday in September
Let us be unified as we put aside each grievance
And stand for God and country as we proudly pledge allegiance

God Bless the USA

Sue Ikerd

August 30, 2018©

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The Old Vietnam Vet

The Old Vietnam Vet

He sat on the bench at Wal-Mart up front by the door

In a pair of overalls and the old cap he always wore

Most just see an old man, an old guy can’t be cool

But he could tell you stories, you’d never learn in school

He landed on the tarmac, 8 thousand miles from home

Thinking of his family and feeling so alone

Fighting in the jungle, dodging bullets, grenades and bombs

A young man went to hell and back in a place called Vietnam

He spent 2 years fighting but it seemed like a whole lot more

Time has a way of standing still in the middle of a war

The purple heart was for the shrapnel that he caught in the thigh

But there’s no medal for the pain he felt as he watched his buddies die

He was proud of his service and to get back to the States

But he was met with anger, epithets and hate

Next time if you see him, don’t hurry quickly by

Shake his hand and thank him as you look him in the eye

He salutes Old Glory and for the Anthem proudly stands

There are thousands of these heroes all across our land

Their numbers are now dwindling, we’re losing more each day

So thank God for their service, it’s a debt we can’t repay

Sue Ikerd

July 27, 2018 ©

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