Let Us Remember

010912-N-3235P-003 Arlington. Va. (Sept. 13, 2001) -- Military servicemembers render honors as fire and rescue workers unfurl a huge American flag over the side of the Pentagon during rescue and recovery efforts following the 11 Sept. terrorist attack. The attack came at approximately 9:40 a.m. as a hijacked commercial airliner, originating from Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport, was flown into the southern side of the building facing Route 27.  U.S. Navy photo by Michael W. Pendergrass.  (RELEASED)

Let Us Remember

For those too young to understand, and those not born yet
Those unable to remember what we must not forget
Planes crashing into the towers, flames filling up the sky
Jumpers from the buildings, knowing they would die
Brave firefighters and first responders rushing to their aid
While we gasped in disbelief, bowed our heads and prayed
Then as the towers fell we watched and held our breath
Wondering how many lives were lost, how many met their death
When the plane struck the Pentagon we tried to understand
What evil had been unleashed across this great land
The last target was averted by heroes brave and bold
In a lonely Pennsylvania field with the words “Let’s roll”
We were proudly patriotic as old Glory was unfurled
Displayed our love of God and country to the people of the world
We filled the churches on that Sunday and turned to God in prayer
Pleading for Divine protection and to keep us in His care
America came together, and showed the world we were strong
We vowed, “justice would be done” and we would right this wrong
But America is now divided, our country is torn apart
Each person must search inside, deep into each heart
I pray we will come together and once again remember
How we became united on that Tuesday in September
Let us be unified as we put aside each grievance
And stand for God and country as we proudly pledge allegiance

God Bless the USA

Sue Ikerd

August 30, 2018©

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The Old Vietnam Vet

The Old Vietnam Vet

He sat on the bench at Wal-Mart up front by the door

In a pair of overalls and the old cap he always wore

Most just see an old man, an old guy can’t be cool

But he could tell you stories, you’d never learn in school

He landed on the tarmac, 8 thousand miles from home

Thinking of his family and feeling so alone

Fighting in the jungle, dodging bullets, grenades and bombs

A young man went to hell and back in a place called Vietnam

He spent 2 years fighting but it seemed like a whole lot more

Time has a way of standing still in the middle of a war

The purple heart was for the shrapnel that he caught in the thigh

But there’s no medal for the pain he felt as he watched his buddies die

He was proud of his service and to get back to the States

But he was met with anger, epithets and hate

Next time if you see him, don’t hurry quickly by

Shake his hand and thank him as you look him in the eye

He salutes Old Glory and for the Anthem proudly stands

There are thousands of these heroes all across our land

Their numbers are now dwindling, we’re losing more each day

So thank God for their service, it’s a debt we can’t repay

Sue Ikerd

July 27, 2018 ©

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Wildflowers of Spring


Wildflowers of Spring

Wild violets and yellow buttercups signal spring’s arriving
Along the road Sweet William in purple splendor thriving
As I walk among them I smell their sweet perfume
And see white clouds of dogwood on the hill in bloom
Plumes of Indian paintbrush set the fields ablaze
Colors from God’s palette, beauty for our gaze
Snowy mayflowers petals beneath large emerald leaves
Like canopies for fairies, if only you believe
Jaunty Dutchman’s breeches dangling from a stem
Redbuds cling to branches, each a magenta gem
I spy jack-in-the-pulpits with green and purple hoods
As I tread on soft green mosses carpeting the woods
I’m reminded of God’s promises that each new season brings
After barren winters I’m thankful for wildflowers of spring

Sue Ikerd

May 8, 2018©

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God’s Servant

Rev. Billy Graham

From presidents to paupers
he preached to them all
He served his Lord
and answered the call

He was America’s pastor
and our hearts are now broken
As we think back
on the love that was spoken

He preached to the world
This plain country boy
He won souls to Christ
and filled hearts with joy

The life that he chose
makes us humbled and awed
He lived by the Book
As he walked with God

His sermons were simple
impassioned and fervent
God’s welcomed home
his good faithful servant.

Our nation’s in mourning
a great man is gone.
There is jubilation in Heaven
Billy is home

Sue Ikerd
February 28, 2018©
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Days of Disasters

Days of Disasters

One after another hurricanes pounded
With a terrible vengeance winds blew and surrounded

Tornadoes formed, flood waters kept rising
Disasters abounded as people were dying

Wild fires burned, raged with a vengeance
It seemed nature’s fury was wild and relentless

A madman rained down bullets of death
We watched in fear and each held our breath

Heroes appeared in these dire situations
And brought help and healing to our great nation

Firefighters, paramedics, police, common folk
Came to the rescue through floods, fire and smoke

Our country’s been broken, beaten and battered
But the flag is still flying, though faded and tattered

We are stronger together, than when torn apart
When people are hurting, we open our heart

God is our refuge in times of disasters and trials
America will triumph, and once again smile

Sue Ikerd

October 16, 2017 ©

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