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The Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas ‘Twas the month before Christmas and I couldn’t sleep I tried counting cows I tried counting sheep But my head was spinning for what lay ahead Instead of looking forward to Christmas I faced it with dread There was so much to do, decorating and shopping The baking, the wrapping the … Continue reading »

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Christmas Now and Then

Christmas, Now and Then As I think back on Christmas, now and then, Sometimes I stop to reflect on when There were no Santas, and candy filled socks But poor lowly shepherds watching their flocks There was no facebook, youtube and twitter When an angel appeared, a star gleamed and glittered No songs about snowmen … Continue reading »

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My Missouri There are mountains and streams, lakes, prairies and plains Cities and towns and fields growing grain The Big Mississippi and muddy Missouri Forests and wildlife and storms with their fury Explorers Lewis and Clark began their great quest The Arch is a symbol, Gateway to the West Where our 33rd president, Harry Truman … Continue reading »

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One Special Night

The donkey told the little lamb who told the whippoorwill The news soon spread across the land through valleys and up hills The message fluttered around the earth on the evening breeze And was heard by ladybugs as it murmured through the trees The lion told the little mouse who told the wise old owl … Continue reading »

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His Chair

She sat in his chair with a faraway stare Reminiscing on times long ago The day they were married, the dear ones they buried And how their love continued to grow Though the going was rough they never gave up The love they shared would not dim Oh how her heart ached, she felt it … Continue reading »

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