Key to Heaven

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Happy Easter!
Key to Heaven

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Christ’s Passion

christs passion

Christ’s Passion

In the Garden of Gethsemane to the Father cried the Son
“May this cup pass from Me” but “Thy will not mine be done”
The cock crowed a second time on that cold Jerusalem morn
It was time to accomplish to what He had been born
Although they could find no fault, they sentenced Him to die
The crowd shouted out their choice, Barrabas was their cry
He was scourged and beaten, spat upon with scorn
Mocked as on His head they pushed a crown of thorns
The cross that he shouldered weighed heavy upon Him
The burden that He carried was laden with our sin
The pounding of a hammer resonated ‘cross the land
As a Roman soldier drove the nails into His hands
He asked for their forgiveness, “for they know not what they do”
A message not for just that day, it was for me and you
He cried out to His Father as the sky turned dark and gray
A tear fell from Heaven and God slowly turned away
An earthquake tore the temple veil as the angels cried
He commended to God His Spirit and then my Savior died
Scarlet footprints to Golgotha, crimson streams ran down the cross
Each drop of blood was precious, this blood He shed for us
They placed Him in a borrowed tomb and sealed it on that day
But on the Sabbath He had risen when the stone was rolled away
“I will be with you always”, is the promise that He made
He offered us eternal life as He triumphed o’er the grave
He suffered greatly for our sins and paid the sacrifice
An awesome love was shown for us in the Passion of my Christ

Sue Ikerd
March 8, 2004
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For the Love of God

For the Love of God

Some phrases can have completely different meaning depending on how they are said. This is one such phrase.

Too many people dishonor God’s name
Curse it, abuse it, take it in vain
Two thousand years ago an innocent man
Was sentenced to death as part of God’s plan
Enduring the jeers and the cat of 9 tails
The thorns and the scorn the cross and the nails
He knew what he faced, he could have refused
He did it for us so that we can now choose
Our sins are forgiven, he wiped clean the slate
A gift of pure love in a world filled with hate
The tomb is empty, the stone rolled away
He conquered the grave on that glorious day
He’s now in Heaven, he’s prepared us a place
Because of God’s love, because of God’s Grace
The reason is clear, the mystery is solved
Christ died for our sins for the love of God

Sue Ikerd
April 3, 2012
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A Servant of God

little angel

We’ve lost a true Servant of God. RIP Rev. Jack Day. This is a tribute to him.

A Servant of God

He played the bass and fiddle and the mandolin
But he found his calling was preaching against sin

In a little country church set beneath old oaks
For generations he has preached to common country folks

A place that’s reminiscent of a time that’s slower pace
Where they still join in amen and sing “Amazing Grace”

He led by following the Bible, many souls were reached
He truly was a man of God and practiced what he preached

He visited sick and shut-ins, and those without a friend
He was there to preach their funerals and served them till the end.

His favorite verse was John 3:17, he lived his life for Christ
The love he showed his neighbors, came without a price

He’s led so many souls to Christ, some now beneath the sod
This dedicated Christian man, humbly served his God

Our world’s a little sadder but Heaven’s shining bright
Jack has received his wings and his soul has taken flight

The gates of Heaven opened, God said, welcome home my son
My good and faithful servant your work on earth is done

Sue Ikerd
February 9, 2016
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Come Next Spring

Come Next Spring

I wrote this after listening to a sermon by our dear pastor, Rev. Larry Daily

I guess that all my life I’ve been a procrastinator
When things really needed done I’d say, “I’ll do that later”
But I had priorities; to make money was my aim
Other things could wait for now, I’ll do them come next spring

I love my wife and children but I’m a busy man
I’d like to spend more time with them, maybe someday I can
But I have to make a living, we need so many things
I’ll have more time for family, maybe come next spring

I may have said something to my neighbor to offend
I’ve been meaning to apologize and try to make amends
But the sky is dark and cloudy and it looks like it’s gonna rain
I’ll wait for a sunny day; I’ll go come next spring

My dad’s no longer with us, mother lives alone
I know that I should visit more and call her on the phone
But mother knows I’m busy, tomorrow I’ll give her a ring
But I have other things to do; I’ll visit come next spring

I know the Good Book tells us we should keep the Sabbath
But sleeping late on Sunday has gotten to be a habit
I plan to read my Bible, I promised God I’d change
But I’m too tired right now I’ll do it come next spring

Spring has come and gone, I’m in the winter of my life
My kids are grown and married; I no longer have a wife
I went to see my neighbor but he could not be found
I visited my mother when they laid her in the ground
I never got around to church, religion’s not my thing
But now my life is ending, there won’t be another spring

In despair I turned to God and found He was still there
Waiting for me patiently with His loving grace and care
I pleaded for forgiveness, to my Maker and my King
He said, “I forgive you now, you won’t have to wait ‘til spring”

If I could live it over I’d make some changes in my life
I would put God first and then, my children and my wife
Friends and neighbors are important; I’d not live my life in vain
I’d live each day as if it were the first day of spring

Sue Ikerd



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