Christ’s Passion

Christs Passion

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Christ’s Passion


In the Garden of Gethsemane to the Father cried the Son

“May this cup pass from Me” but “Thy will not mine be done”

The cock crowed a second time on that cold Jerusalem morn

It was time to accomplish to what He had been born

Although they could find no fault, they sentenced Him to die

The crowd shouted out their choice, Barabbas was their cry

He was scourged and beaten, spat upon with scorn

Mocked as on His head they pushed a crown of thorns

The cross that he shouldered weighed heavy upon Him

The burden that He carried was laden with our sin

The pounding of a hammer resonated ‘cross the land

As a Roman soldier drove the nails into His hands

He asked for their forgiveness, “for they know not what they do”

A message not for just that day, it was for me and you

He cried out to His Father as the sky turned dark and gray

A tear fell from Heaven and God slowly turned away

An earthquake tore the temple veil as the angels cried

He commended to God His Spirit and then my Savior died

Scarlet footprints to Golgotha, crimson streams ran down the cross

Each drop of blood was precious, this blood He shed for us

They placed Him in a borrowed tomb and sealed it on that day

But on the Sabbath He had risen when the stone was rolled away

“I will be with you always”, is the promise that He made

He offered us eternal life as He triumphed o’er the grave

He suffered greatly for our sins and paid the sacrifice

An awesome love was shown for us in the Passion of my Christ


Sue Ikerd

March 8, 2004

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Rufus – 2002 to 2015


The house is a little quieter this morning and a little lonelier. Our Silky Terrier passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday after fighting a long hard fight. We had his love and devotion for 10 yrs. He was such a good old dog and we miss him. I wrote this poem in his memory.


He silently listens to my trouble and woes
A shadow that follows where ever I go
With a loyal devotion, his brown eyes shine
A faithful companion this buddy of mine
His steps grow slower, we’re close to the end
I’ll never forget you my old furry friend
If dogs go to Heaven , the first thing I’ll see
Your little tail waggin’ as you run to greet me.


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Frankie’s Morning

Most mornings, this is how you find Frankie – on my lap in front of the fire. He has a pretty good life!

Frankies morning bw



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Because of the Brave

IMG_2453 11x14 rs

Because of the Brave

 He’s just an old man, all grizzled and gray

But he still can remember the hour and the day

When the long war ended, the fighting had ceased

The blood of young soldiers had brought about peace

His memory still harbors those dreadful vignettes

Vile scenes of battles he would like to forget

He answered the call and he took a stand

He went in a boy but came out as a man

He has lived quite a life, he has stories to tell

When a boy went to war and came back from hell

We owe him a debt, he paid a huge price

Our country is free due to his sacrifice

High in the sky Old Glory still waves

O’er the Land of the Free because of the Brave

Sue Ikerd

October 2, 2011


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You probably have never heard his name or have seen a picture of him. Romeo was a sailor working at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 when the plane hit the building. He was 3 days short of his 24th birthday. His mother got in touch with me after she had read some of my 9-11 poetry and we became friends. I wrote this poem in rememberance of Romeo and all those who died that day. We may not know their names or have seen their faces but we can never forget what happened to them and our country that day.

Copy of Romeo Bishundat


A Tribute to a 9-11 Victim and all the Victims

His parents named him Romeo as in the Shakespeare play
He also died a tragic death on that fateful day

From the Pentagon to Arlington, his life had been so brief
Now those he loved are left behind still numb with disbelief

His birthday just 3 days away he would always be
This sailor, son and brother forever twenty three

He was handsome, kind and caring, fun loving, full of life
But he would never be a father; he would never take a wife

When the planes hit the buildings and death rained from the sky
We stared with tears in horror and we asked each other, why?

As smoke rose from the Pentagon, Old Glory was unfurled
A symbol of our resolve and a message to the world

The memories are fading with each passing year
We must not take for granted the freedom we hold dear

As we repeat the story we vow we will remember
When our lives changed forever on the Tuesday in September

Sue Ikerd

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