Lady Liberty’s Still Standing and Stairway to Heaven

These are the first two poems Sue wrote in the first days after 9/11.  Lest we forget.



She’s still standing in the harbor as she has for all these years

But if you look more closely, you might see the tears.

She cries for all her loved ones, which were killed, behind her back,

By evil men who used her people in their diabolical attack.

As blood ran down the towers and mingled with the dust

America grew stronger, we believe in God We Trust

We have not been defeated, our resolve is stronger still

Lady Liberty is not bowing and she never will

Her torch lights the path to freedom, as Americans resolve

We are one nation, indivisible, united under God

Our nation is in mourning but she’s not dressed in black,

The colors of Old Glory cover the wounds of the attack

These towers reached to Heaven for the many who were lost

Let us vow to route this evil, no matter what the cost.

The eagle’s poised for take off, her wings spread across our land,

Her talons hold the weapons for the battle that’s at hand.

With hearts that have been broken, we have become more strong

As people come together and vow to right this wrong.

We pray to God for guidance as he watches from above

Please God, Bless America, the land that we love.

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 15, 2001)

dscn3613 dscn3612In memory of the New York Emergency Service Workers
Stairway to Heaven

They were on their way to Heaven as they hurried up the stairs,

Not only were they heroes, they were angels unaware.

Just going about their duties as they had so many times before

Little did they realize they were soldiers in a war.

As the victims fled the buildings on that tragic fateful day

These brave men hurried past them with no thought to harm’s way

We can hear the bagpipes clearly as they play Amazing Grace

In salute to fallen comrades who are in a better place

We can see their fearless faces as up those stairs they trod

Right into the gates of Heaven and before the throne of God

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 15, 2001)

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IMG_2453 11x14 rs

It was a Tuesday in September, a day we will all remember
When evil men turned our world upside down
A time we can’t forget, when our land terrorist upset
As planes crashed into buildings and the ground

We remember those true heroes in a place we call Ground Zero
And we praise those who with selfless valor gave
Without thought to life and struggle in the midst of steel and rubble
Gave their all for others lives to save

And those brave souls in the skies who were heroes in disguise
Saved the lives of those unsuspecting down below
With a call to say, “I care”, and then a quiet prayer
They met eternity with the simple words “Let’s roll”

We can ne’er forget the moment or the terror and the torment
When we heard our country had been attacked
As those innocent lives were taken our resolve remained unshaken
To avenge those who had stabbed us in the back

As terror rained from the skies we stopped and realized
That our great country is still brave and strong
As our nation stopped to pray we came together on that day
And vowed that we would persevere to right this wrong

As a profusion of flags unfurled we showed this symbol to the world
That our patriotism is alive and well
Framed with the colors of Old Glory, we will pass along the story
And make sure to each generation we will tell

Of the day our nation passed the test, America at its best
That brave souls now walk where angels trod
As our Pledge of Allegiance is repeated, we have not been defeated
We remain one great nation, indivisible, under God

Sue Ikerd


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It was a place we all once lived, in a town that’s never been
When everyone knew their neighbors and everybody was a friend
When stories had a moral and goodness always won
When a father took the time, to go fishing with his son
A place where children played outdoors and elders were respected
And faith and hope and charity were virtues not neglected
Where curse words were never heard and they worshiped on the Sabbath
And following the Good Book was more that just a habit
Where they gathered round the table to eat a home cooked meal
And sitting on the front porch had that welcoming appeal
It’s a place that we all long for and hope someday to find
For now it has a special place in the memories of our mind
We yearn for Andy’s wisdom and the kindness of Aunt Bea
The innocence of Opie, in a town called Mayberry

Sue Ikerd
July 5, 2012

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The Old Barber Shop

In memory of my dad.

The Old Barber Shop

At the old barber chair, he stood and cut hair
From early to sometimes late night
With clippers he’d clip, and shears he would snip
Until the cut was just right

With a skill now unknown, he could sharpen and hone
His straight razor on the old leather strop
A haircut was two bits, a shave fifteen cents
Years ago at the old barber shop

As he lathered the brush, there was no need to rush
Time moved more slowly back then
With skill and finesse his shaves passed the test
From the young to the grizzled old men

A small child would cry and his patience try
For when his 1st haircut came time
So they promised the boy some candy or toy
And a trip to the old Five and Dime

The barbershop is now gone and there’s a beauty salon
Where men go to have their hair styled
With these newfangled ways they have now a days
I think back on those times and I smile

There was many a shave and haircut he gave
From fathers to sons and granddads
They all would agree, as they proudly told me
It was the best haircut they ever had

He took pride in his work from it didn’t shirk
When silver had covered his hair
I now look back and see with fond memories
My dad at the old barber chair

Sue Ikerd
January 17, 2004

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The Old Soldier and the Flag

When I was growing up the 4th of July was a special day in my hometown beginning with a parade around the court house square. They still have that parade and it’s known for being one of the longest held parades in the country surviving for well over 100 years.
Veterans were at the head of the parade as honor guards, carrying the flag. One soldier stood out in my memory. He was still able to wear his WWII uniform and wore it proudly as he led the parade for over 50 years. When I was small I didn’t realize what these soldiers had gone through, their sacrifice and the gift of freedom they had given us. I wrote this poem in memory of them and all the veterans as we celebrate our country’s birthday and freedom.



His uniform was a little frayed and the brass had lost its shine
But it brought back memories of when he was in his prime

Of fought battles and lost buddies, he could never talk about
But he was proud he had served, of this there was no doubt

So with pride he donned it every year on July the Fourth
And he held Old Glory high as proudly he stepped forth

To lead the parade in his hometown as he had for 50 years
But sadly time had taken its toll and now the old man feared

That this might be his last parade and who would take his place
As he marched around the courthouse square at now a slower pace

It seemed no one paid respect to the flag as it passed by
It wasn’t like this years ago and he sadly heaved a sigh

And then he stumbled and the flag almost touched the ground
From somewhere a hand steadied him and he slowly looked around

As a young soldier stepped to his side from amongst the crowd
And took the flag from the old vet’s hand as the young man vowed

“I’ll gladly carry our country’s flag, you see it’s now my turn
You’ve served Old Glory faithfully and a rest you’ve duly earned”

The old soldier breathed a sigh and his heart now swelled with pride
And together they marched down the street, two soldiers side by side

Remember our country’s freedom wasn’t earned without a price
Through the years soldiers bought it with their lives and sacrifice

When you see the flag waving in the air, view it with respect
And give thanks and say a prayer for those who defend and protect

For now and future generations, may it fly forever free
May God bless America, this land of liberty

Sue Ikerd

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