Grandma’s Quilts

I love quilts. I have quilts that belonged to my mother, grandmother and great grandmother and each one tells a story and has a special meaning. They were made in hard times when nothing was wasted but they were made with skill and love. I can look at ones my mother made and pick out the swatches that were my dresses from childhood or a dress that my mother or sister once wore. This is an analogy to life, each moment or each piece can turn into a beautiful memory.

This picture is of my great-great-grandmother’s rocking chair and the quilt was made from my mother’s dresses.

grandmasquilt rs

Grandma’s Quilts

In her old rocking chair, with love and with care
She cut the remnants of cloth
With scissors she clipped, she sewed and she snipped
The pieces as she had been taught

The patterns were varied, and before she was married
Her mother had taught her this skill
As each quilt was sewn, those before her had shown
The love of this craft to instill

With the quilt in a frame, the neighbors all came
Chatting with thimbles in hand
Each stitch must be fine as they wove the designs
Of lines, flowers, feathers and fans

There was Around the World, and the Sun Bonnet Girl
She had made for her granddaughter’s bed
She pieced Irish Chain, and Double Wedding Ring
That I now proudly use for a spread

As I look at each block, my mind wanders in thought
While I gaze on this prized legacy
On each square that I look, it’s like reading a book
Of my own family’s dear history

My pink striped pinafore and the dress Peggy wore
Her time on earth was so brief
A kaleidoscope of colors, each one touching others
This story of life in relief

Cloth from grandfather’s vest and grandma’s wedding dress
Each block has a story to tell
I see my sister’s old skirt, and my father’s blue shirt
And mother’s checked apron as well

These are treasures to me, as each quilt that I see
My mind floods with fond memories
Of those that I love, who look down from above
Grandma’s quilts are so precious to me

Our lives mirror these pieces, and my mind never ceases
I’m amazed at God’s love for all man
If we accept what He taught us, by blood He has bought us
If we will follow the Master’s Plan

He will piece our lives together, depending on whether
We accept His love unafraid
Then our whole life will be, an heirloom from Thee
Like the quilts that Grandmother made.

Sue Ikerd
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The Last 60 Years

As I thought back on my life, I realized I had witnessed a myriad of events, some fun, some amazing, some tragic and many life changing. I decided to write this poem beginning with WWII before I was born and ending with one of the most terrible events that has occurred in the United States and my memories of the in-between.

The Last 60 Years
1941 to 2001

World War II, H bomb
Korean conflict. Vietnam
Audie Murphy back from hell
38th parallel
FDR laid to rest
Dewey lost, Truman best
Cold War, Dr Spock
Churchill’s Iron Curtain talk
Israel became a nation
Queen Elizabeth’s coronation
Yeager fastest, DNA
Charlie Brown, Cassius Clay
Seat belts, Rock n Roll
World of Disney, Velcro
Cousteau invented Scuba
Castro took over Cuba
Howdy Doody, Ed and Steve
Fairies live if you Believe
Roy, Gene and Hopalong
Microwaves and Teflon
TV’s now come in color
We “like Ike” but not the other
Jack and Jackie’s Camelot
Ended with a rifle shot
Psycho, South Pacific
I Love Lucy, Tom Terrific
Cheyenne, Hoss and Little Joe
Marilyn and DiMaggio
Goodnight David, Goodnight Chet
Maverick brothers, Bart and Brett
Star Trek, James Dean
Elvis Presley was the king
Sit-ins, marches, boycotts
LBJ, Little Rock
Peace Corp, Berlin Wall
Dream speech, Warhol
Alaska and Hawaii states
Nixon lied, Watergate
President Ford; Roe v Wade
Jonestown; Kool Aid
Rolling Stones and the Beatles
Unisphere; Space Needle
Jeopardy, To Tell the Truth
Aaron hit one more than Ruth
Sky Lab; Hubble telescope
John Paul II elected Pope
Baby boomers turned a page
Entered the computer age
Elvis died, VCRs
Walkman, Star Wars
Helter Skelter, Woodstock
Armstrong’s moonwalk
Ice makers in your fridge
Teddy ran off a bridge
Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street
Hall of Fame won’t claim Pete
ET called home
Internet, cell phone
The 39th was a peanut farmer
McVay, the Oklahoma bomber
Reagan said “take down this wall”
And we watched and saw it fall
Sheep cloned; princess dies
Shuttles explode in the skies
Impeached president 42
Done in by a dress of blue
Michael Jackson was a Thriller
OJ searched for the killer
George Bush 41
Then elected George the son
Terrorists attacked our land
Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan
From 9-11 back to WWII
There’s a lot that we’ve lived through

Sue Ikerd
June 3, 2015

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Olivia de Havilland reads “Beneath the Cherry Trees”

Sue’s poem, “Beneath the Cherry Trees” was recorded by Olivia de Havilland in 2015 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Marshfield Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival. Olivia de Havilland was a 2013 recipient of the Hubble Medal of Initiative at the Marshfield Cherry Blossom Festival. To learn more about the festival please visit
You can listen to it below.

Beneath the Cherry Trees

A young man returned from Washington with a dream to share
Of cherry trees in blossom; blooming everywhere.
A place to entertain, those echoes from the past
A time to gather history and traditions that would last
The people came together in this little country town
A busy little village where love and faith abound
They planted trees along with dreams of what someday would be
Harvesting a bounty they could not foresee
You might recognize the name, but maybe not the face
In remembrance of all who made this world a better place
From authors to astronomers, munchkins to musicians
We gather here together so we can learn and listen
From Lassie’s pal to Barney’s gal and presidential kin
They all share their stories as we remember when.
Come along and take a stroll along life’s memory lane
And reminisce of names engraved on the Walk of Fame
Like returning robins on an April breeze
We will meet in springtime beneath the cherry trees

Sue Price Ikerd
March 4, 2012
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Christ’s Passion

Christs Passion

(click on image to see full size)

Christ’s Passion


In the Garden of Gethsemane to the Father cried the Son

“May this cup pass from Me” but “Thy will not mine be done”

The cock crowed a second time on that cold Jerusalem morn

It was time to accomplish to what He had been born

Although they could find no fault, they sentenced Him to die

The crowd shouted out their choice, Barabbas was their cry

He was scourged and beaten, spat upon with scorn

Mocked as on His head they pushed a crown of thorns

The cross that he shouldered weighed heavy upon Him

The burden that He carried was laden with our sin

The pounding of a hammer resonated ‘cross the land

As a Roman soldier drove the nails into His hands

He asked for their forgiveness, “for they know not what they do”

A message not for just that day, it was for me and you

He cried out to His Father as the sky turned dark and gray

A tear fell from Heaven and God slowly turned away

An earthquake tore the temple veil as the angels cried

He commended to God His Spirit and then my Savior died

Scarlet footprints to Golgotha, crimson streams ran down the cross

Each drop of blood was precious, this blood He shed for us

They placed Him in a borrowed tomb and sealed it on that day

But on the Sabbath He had risen when the stone was rolled away

“I will be with you always”, is the promise that He made

He offered us eternal life as He triumphed o’er the grave

He suffered greatly for our sins and paid the sacrifice

An awesome love was shown for us in the Passion of my Christ


Sue Ikerd

March 8, 2004

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Rufus – 2002 to 2015


The house is a little quieter this morning and a little lonelier. Our Silky Terrier passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday after fighting a long hard fight. We had his love and devotion for 10 yrs. He was such a good old dog and we miss him. I wrote this poem in his memory.


He silently listens to my trouble and woes
A shadow that follows where ever I go
With a loyal devotion, his brown eyes shine
A faithful companion this buddy of mine
His steps grow slower, we’re close to the end
I’ll never forget you my old furry friend
If dogs go to Heaven , the first thing I’ll see
Your little tail waggin’ as you run to greet me.


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