Christ’s Passion

With all the bunnies and eggs and candy, the world sometimes seems to forget the reason for Easter. Please enjoy this poem and think about the great sacrifice that was made for all of us.


Christ’s Passion

In the Garden of Gethsemane to the Father cried the Son
“May this cup pass from Me” but “Thy will not mine be done”
The cock crowed a second time on that cold Jerusalem morn
It was time to accomplish to what He had been born
Although they could find no fault, they sentenced Him to die
The crowd shouted out their choice, Barrabas was their cry
He was scourged and beaten, spat upon with scorn
Mocked as on His head they pushed a crown of thorns
The cross that he shouldered weighed heavy upon Him
The burden that He carried was laden with our sin
The pounding of a hammer resonated ‘cross the land
As a Roman soldier drove the nails into His hands
He asked for their forgiveness, “for they know not what they do”
A message not for just that day, it was for me and you
He cried out to His Father as the sky turned dark and gray
A tear fell from Heaven and God slowly turned away
An earthquake tore the temple veil as the angels cried
He commended to God His Spirit and then my Savior died
Scarlet footprints to Golgotha, crimson streams ran down the cross
Each drop of blood was precious, this blood He shed for us
They placed Him in a borrowed tomb and sealed it on that day
But on the Sabbath He had risen when the stone was rolled away
“I will be with you always”, is the promise that He made
He offered us eternal life as He triumphed o’er the grave
He suffered greatly for our sins and paid the sacrifice
An awesome love was shown for us in the Passion of my Christ

Sue Ikerd
March 8, 2004

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Emergence of Spring

Just a reminder that it really is Spring!


Emergence of Spring

Winter’s retreating and Spring is emerging
Flowers and foliage in colors converging
Under brown leaves appear hints of green
Buds will bust forth on this vibrant scene
Animal are choosing that special other
The woods will be full of babies and mothers
Life is returning, the earth’s in a swirl
God’s in his Heaven, all’s right in my world

Sue Ikerd
February 10, 2014
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It’s Spring!



Snow’s melted on the hillside; the days are far less drear
Poking through the brown earth, flowers now appear
Robins are returning, singing their cheery song
Insects will be buzzing ‘round the blossoms on the lawn
Nature is now yawning, awoke from winter’s dream
Green grass has started growing; at long last it’s Spring

Sue Ikerd

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Sunrise Devotion

Edisto Morning

I love walking along the beach and watching the sunrise over the ocean. The colors are so beautiful.
I decided to write a poem in the form of an acrostic using the letters of the alphabet in order, beginning with the first letter of each line from A to Z.

Sunrise Devotion

(A to Z)

As the day breaks on the ocean
Begins my soul’s silent devotion
Colors paint the vault of Heaven
Dreamy hues now are given
Exalting the new rays of dawn
Free for all this morning song
Glorious beauty at this hour
Heaven’s gift is my dower
In humble reverence I reflect
Joined by His creatures in respect
Kneeling down to say a prayer
Looking up, I know not where
My soul delights in His Presence
Nature now displays His essence
Only God can paint this scene
Placid waters, blue and green
Quietness now invades my thought
Revealing sights my soul has sought
Serenity prevails my mind
This gift of God to all mankind
Unaware of worldly blight
Visions of an ethereal sight
While I ponder of His care
Xanadu cannot compare
Yielding to this Higher Power
Zealously I guard this hour

Sue Ikerd

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More Winter!

It looks like more winter weather is on the way. It can’t last forever, though. We are at the point where we will start getting spring days and before you know it, spring will be here!


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