Emergence of Spring

Just a reminder that it really is Spring!


Emergence of Spring

Winter’s retreating and Spring is emerging
Flowers and foliage in colors converging
Under brown leaves appear hints of green
Buds will bust forth on this vibrant scene
Animal are choosing that special other
The woods will be full of babies and mothers
Life is returning, the earth’s in a swirl
God’s in his Heaven, all’s right in my world

Sue Ikerd
February 10, 2014
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It’s Spring!



Snow’s melted on the hillside; the days are far less drear
Poking through the brown earth, flowers now appear
Robins are returning, singing their cheery song
Insects will be buzzing ‘round the blossoms on the lawn
Nature is now yawning, awoke from winter’s dream
Green grass has started growing; at long last it’s Spring

Sue Ikerd

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Sunrise Devotion

Edisto Morning

I love walking along the beach and watching the sunrise over the ocean. The colors are so beautiful.
I decided to write a poem in the form of an acrostic using the letters of the alphabet in order, beginning with the first letter of each line from A to Z.

Sunrise Devotion

(A to Z)

As the day breaks on the ocean
Begins my soul’s silent devotion
Colors paint the vault of Heaven
Dreamy hues now are given
Exalting the new rays of dawn
Free for all this morning song
Glorious beauty at this hour
Heaven’s gift is my dower
In humble reverence I reflect
Joined by His creatures in respect
Kneeling down to say a prayer
Looking up, I know not where
My soul delights in His Presence
Nature now displays His essence
Only God can paint this scene
Placid waters, blue and green
Quietness now invades my thought
Revealing sights my soul has sought
Serenity prevails my mind
This gift of God to all mankind
Unaware of worldly blight
Visions of an ethereal sight
While I ponder of His care
Xanadu cannot compare
Yielding to this Higher Power
Zealously I guard this hour

Sue Ikerd

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More Winter!

It looks like more winter weather is on the way. It can’t last forever, though. We are at the point where we will start getting spring days and before you know it, spring will be here!


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Old Fred

Eight years ago today, we lost a very special man.  He was taken away so quickly and left a void that will never be filled.  He quietly helped those in need, was a great friend and neighbor and did so much for his community. His family was the most import part of his life and he left them a wonderful legacy. He loved his country and his God.  He was one of a kind – this world needs more Old Freds.

Old Fred

Old Fred

Some say, when God made Old Fred He must have broke the mold
While his exterior was a little rough, inside beat a heart of gold
Born in the sand hills of Nebraska, he led a cowboy’s life
He told of surviving blizzards, the hardships and the strife
Then he joined the Air Force, he left home to fight a war
Saved lives, came back a hero and put his medals in a drawer
In his old beat up van, you‘d see him driving through our town
With his bushy beard, friendly smile, his old cap pulled down
He believed in God and country and flew Ol’ Glory everyday
He remembered all the soldiers and prayed for those in harm’s way
He performed many acts of kindness that he never talked about
He lent a hand to those in need, and helped those down and out
Everyone has their special stories telling of Fred’s good deeds
How he fixed their old washer or helped someone in need
His greatest treasures here on earth, were his children and his wife
And his grand and great grandchildren were the pride of his life
We’ll miss seeing him at Doyle’s and those trips up to the lake
Who’ll come when things are broken or emcee for goodness sake?
We know Fred’s at home in Heaven and if he has a wish
He’ll be with his friends and St. Peter trying to catch fish
He made the world a better place and when all is done and said
Our town has lost a treasure; there’ll never be another Fred

Sue Ikerd
February 27, 2006

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