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Let Us Remember

Posted by on September 10, 2018

010912-N-3235P-003 Arlington. Va. (Sept. 13, 2001) -- Military servicemembers render honors as fire and rescue workers unfurl a huge American flag over the side of the Pentagon during rescue and recovery efforts following the 11 Sept. terrorist attack. The attack came at approximately 9:40 a.m. as a hijacked commercial airliner, originating from Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport, was flown into the southern side of the building facing Route 27.  U.S. Navy photo by Michael W. Pendergrass.  (RELEASED)

Let Us Remember

For those too young to understand, and those not born yet
Those unable to remember what we must not forget
Planes crashing into the towers, flames filling up the sky
Jumpers from the buildings, knowing they would die
Brave firefighters and first responders rushing to their aid
While we gasped in disbelief, bowed our heads and prayed
Then as the towers fell we watched and held our breath
Wondering how many lives were lost, how many met their death
When the plane struck the Pentagon we tried to understand
What evil had been unleashed across this great land
The last target was averted by heroes brave and bold
In a lonely Pennsylvania field with the words “Let’s roll”
We were proudly patriotic as old Glory was unfurled
Displayed our love of God and country to the people of the world
We filled the churches on that Sunday and turned to God in prayer
Pleading for Divine protection and to keep us in His care
America came together, and showed the world we were strong
We vowed, “justice would be done” and we would right this wrong
But America is now divided, our country is torn apart
Each person must search inside, deep into each heart
I pray we will come together and once again remember
How we became united on that Tuesday in September
Let us be unified as we put aside each grievance
And stand for God and country as we proudly pledge allegiance

God Bless the USA

Sue Ikerd

August 30, 2018©

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