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Man on the Moon

This was a doubly exciting time for me and my family. We were also awaiting the birth of my sister-in-law, Helen’s twins, Stuart and Becky. I took these photos of the TV screen with my little Polaroid camera that night. The phone call telling us of the twins birth, came between the lunar landing and … Continue reading »

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My Mother’s Not Home Anymore

My Mother’s Not Home Anymore A dear friend’s mother was going through the ravages of Alzheimer’s. I wrote this for her. My mother’s not home anymore No one answers when I knock on the door The light in the window doesn’t shine like before My mother’s not home anymore The stately old place now a … Continue reading »

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Let Us Remember

Let Us Remember For those too young to understand, and those not born yet Those unable to remember what we must not forget Planes crashing into the towers, flames filling up the sky Jumpers from the buildings, knowing they would die Brave firefighters and first responders rushing to their aid While we gasped in disbelief, … Continue reading »

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Recalling 9-11

Recalling 9-11 I can’t forget the day and hour when the first plane hit the tower Then we learned the dreadful horror of the crashes Pennsylvania, the Pentagon, the first and second tower gone And we watched them disappear in the dust and ashes To some it’s just history, others somewhat a mystery As memories … Continue reading »

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Texas is Us

  Texas Is Us They are strong, resilient, stubborn and tough, They won’t back down and they don’t give up Pride in their heritage is part of their roots They stand tall together in cowboy boots They’ve weathered tornadoes, hurricanes, floods Whining or quitting is not in their blood Texas has been bruised but will … Continue reading »

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