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The Old Vietnam Vet

The Old Vietnam Vet He sat on the bench at Wal-Mart up front by the door In a pair of overalls and the old cap he always wore Most just see an old man, an old guy can’t be cool But he could tell you stories, you’d never learn in school He landed on the … Continue reading »

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Birth of Freedom

Birth of Freedom I wrote this after a visit to Boston and Lexington Green. It was so moving to walk on the Green and hear the story of how these brave men had the courage to fight for and found our country and how our freedom was born. April 19, 1775 Mad King George said take … Continue reading »

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We Walk Among Heroes

 We Walk Among Heroes The doctor from my hometown of Marshfield, Mo was recognized along with other veterans on the anniversary of D Day. Dr. Tommy was part of the invasion force that landed on Omaha Beach. I wondered how many old people do we pass by without realizing we are among heroes. He was … Continue reading »

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The Last 60 Years

As I thought back on my life, I realized I had witnessed a myriad of events, some fun, some amazing, some tragic and many life changing. I decided to write this poem beginning with WWII before I was born and ending with one of the most terrible events that has occurred in the United States … Continue reading »

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Because of the Brave

Because of the Brave  He’s just an old man, all grizzled and gray But he still can remember the hour and the day When the long war ended, the fighting had ceased The blood of young soldiers had brought about peace His memory still harbors those dreadful vignettes Vile scenes of battles he would like … Continue reading »

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