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Birth of Freedom

Posted by on June 23, 2016


Birth of Freedom

I wrote this after a visit to Boston and Lexington Green. It was so moving to walk on the Green and hear the story of how these brave men had the courage to fight for and found our country and how our freedom was born.

April 19, 1775

Mad King George said take their guns and confiscate their powder
We must stop these scallywags, their drumbeat’s growing louder

At Lexington Green in predawn light as the church bells tolled
Minutemen stood for battle, patriots brave and bold

Through morning fog the redcoats came, then began the confrontation
What happened on that April morn launched the birth of our great nation

Then down the road at Concord as the breath of freedom swirled
Began the War of Independence with the shot heard round the world

With triumph over tyranny they framed the Constitution
And vowed the freedoms for all citizens with fearless resolution

The Signers pledged their fortunes, their lives and sacred honor
On the protection of Divine Providence they would pray to garner

They signed the Declaration and declared their independence
Forging a brand new nation for all of their descendants

“What a glorious morning for America”, Sam Adams was heard to say
I wonder what he would think if he were here today

With In God We Trust our motto, so may it always be
May the country our forefather died for, remain forever free

Sue Ikerd
March 4 2013

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