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Author Archives: Leah Savage

The Old Kitchen Table

THE OLD KITCHEN TABLE Our kitchen table is where so much has taken place in our home through the years. We planned trips, discussed world events, talked about problems, celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays and gave thanks to God; it was the center of our family life. For 5 generations this has been … Continue reading »

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Lady Liberty’s Still Standing and Stairway to Heaven

These are the first two poems Sue wrote in the first days after 9/11.  Lest we forget. LADY LIBERTY’S STILL STANDING She’s still standing in the harbor as she has for all these years But if you look more closely, you might see the tears. She cries for all her loved ones, which were killed, behind her … Continue reading »

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SEPTEMBER 11th REMEMBEREDIt was a Tuesday in September, a day we will all remember When evil men turned our world upside down A time we can’t forget, when our land terrorist upset As planes crashed into buildings and the groundWe remember those true heroes in a place we call Ground Zero And we praise those … Continue reading »

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The Old Soldier and the Flag

When I was growing up the 4th of July was a special day in my hometown beginning with a parade around the court house square. They still have that parade and it’s known for being one of the longest held parades in the country surviving for well over 100 years. Veterans were at the head … Continue reading »

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BISCUITS In a little country church an old farmer stood to pray The young preacher listened quietly to the words he had to say He said, “Lord I hate buttermilk, it tastes so strange and sour And Lord I don’t like lard and I don’t much care for flour But when you dump them in … Continue reading »

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