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Posted by on September 8, 2016
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SEPTEMBER 11th REMEMBEREDIt was a Tuesday in September, a day we will all remember
When evil men turned our world upside down
A time we can’t forget, when our land terrorist upset
As planes crashed into buildings and the groundWe remember those true heroes in a place we call Ground Zero
And we praise those who with selfless valor gave
Without thought to life and struggle in the midst of steel and rubble
Gave their all for others lives to save

And those brave souls in the skies who were heroes in disguise
Saved the lives of those unsuspecting down below
With a call to say, “I care”, and then a quiet prayer
They met eternity with the simple words “Let’s roll”

We can ne’er forget the moment or the terror and the torment
When we heard our country had been attacked
As those innocent lives were taken our resolve remained unshaken
To avenge those who had stabbed us in the back

As terror rained from the skies we stopped and realized
That our great country is still brave and strong
As our nation stopped to pray we came together on that day
And vowed that we would persevere to right this wrong

As a profusion of flags unfurled we showed this symbol to the world
That our patriotism is alive and well
Framed with the colors of Old Glory, we will pass along the story
And make sure to each generation we will tell

Of the day our nation passed the test, America at its best
That brave souls now walk where angels trod
As our Pledge of Allegiance is repeated, we have not been defeated
We remain one great nation, indivisible, under God

Sue Ikerd

Copyright August 15, 2002 ©


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