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Lady Liberty’s Still Standing and Stairway to Heaven

Posted by on September 11, 2016

These are the first two poems Sue wrote in the first days after 9/11.  Lest we forget.



She’s still standing in the harbor as she has for all these years

But if you look more closely, you might see the tears.

She cries for all her loved ones, which were killed, behind her back,

By evil men who used her people in their diabolical attack.

As blood ran down the towers and mingled with the dust

America grew stronger, we believe in God We Trust

We have not been defeated, our resolve is stronger still

Lady Liberty is not bowing and she never will

Her torch lights the path to freedom, as Americans resolve

We are one nation, indivisible, united under God

Our nation is in mourning but she’s not dressed in black,

The colors of Old Glory cover the wounds of the attack

These towers reached to Heaven for the many who were lost

Let us vow to route this evil, no matter what the cost.

The eagle’s poised for take off, her wings spread across our land,

Her talons hold the weapons for the battle that’s at hand.

With hearts that have been broken, we have become more strong

As people come together and vow to right this wrong.

We pray to God for guidance as he watches from above

Please God, Bless America, the land that we love.

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 15, 2001) ©

dscn3613 dscn3612In memory of the New York Emergency Service Workers
Stairway to Heaven

They were on their way to Heaven as they hurried up the stairs,

Not only were they heroes, they were angels unaware.

Just going about their duties as they had so many times before

Little did they realize they were soldiers in a war.

As the victims fled the buildings on that tragic fateful day

These brave men hurried past them with no thought to harm’s way

We can hear the bagpipes clearly as they play Amazing Grace

In salute to fallen comrades who are in a better place

We can see their fearless faces as up those stairs they trod

Right into the gates of Heaven and before the throne of God

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 15, 2001) ©

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