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Seasons There is a season of fun and laughter Carefree days when dreams are new Of looking forward to a future When life is good and troubles few There is a season of beginnings A time to work, a time to sow When we learn of loss and winnings That there are times of ebb … Continue reading »

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Winter’s Deception

WINTER’S DECEPTION Craggy brown branches each glitter and dances in a lovely glass encased scene Prisms of ice, shine and entice as the sun rays glisten and gleam Trees covered in crystal, sounds like a pistol as limbs crack and crash to the ground Like chandeliers twinkling, sparkling and tinkling the ice makes a melodious … Continue reading »

Categories: Country Life, Poem, Winter | 1 Comment

A Poem for Veterans – A European Tour

A European Tour (An Old Soldier’s Story) He sat on the old park bench as people passed him by No one stopped to talk to him or even just say, Hi They could never realize the places he had seen And never could envision his life at age eighteen He saw the Cliffs of Dover … Continue reading »

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I Cry for My Country

I Cry for My Country I cry for my country this land that I love Founded by patriots and blessed from above The Star Spangled Banner brings a tear to my eye My heart fills with pride when our flag passes by I stand for our anthem and bow to my God For our soldiers … Continue reading »

Categories: Christian, Patriotic, Poem | 1 Comment

The Old Barber Shop

In memory of my dad. The Old Barber Shop At the old barber chair, he stood and cut hair From early to sometimes late night With clippers he’d clip, and shears he would snip Until the cut was just right With a skill now unknown, he could sharpen and hone His straight razor on the … Continue reading »

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