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The Old Barber Shop

Posted by on August 12, 2016

In memory of my dad.

The Old Barber Shop

At the old barber chair, he stood and cut hair
From early to sometimes late night
With clippers he’d clip, and shears he would snip
Until the cut was just right

With a skill now unknown, he could sharpen and hone
His straight razor on the old leather strop
A haircut was two bits, a shave fifteen cents
Years ago at the old barber shop

As he lathered the brush, there was no need to rush
Time moved more slowly back then
With skill and finesse his shaves passed the test
From the young to the grizzled old men

A small child would cry and his patience try
For when his 1st haircut came time
So they promised the boy some candy or toy
And a trip to the old Five and Dime

The barbershop is now gone and there’s a beauty salon
Where men go to have their hair styled
With these newfangled ways they have now a days
I think back on those times and I smile

There was many a shave and haircut he gave
From fathers to sons and granddads
They all would agree, as they proudly told me
It was the best haircut they ever had

He took pride in his work from it didn’t shirk
When silver had covered his hair
I now look back and see with fond memories
My dad at the old barber chair

Sue Ikerd
January 17, 2004

Copyright 2004 ©

One Response to The Old Barber Shop

  1. Janet

    Beautiful, as always.

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