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Grandma’s Quilts

Posted by on July 30, 2015

I love quilts. I have quilts that belonged to my mother, grandmother and great grandmother and each one tells a story and has a special meaning. They were made in hard times when nothing was wasted but they were made with skill and love. I can look at ones my mother made and pick out the swatches that were my dresses from childhood or a dress that my mother or sister once wore. This is an analogy to life, each moment or each piece can turn into a beautiful memory.

This picture is of my great-great-grandmother’s rocking chair and the quilt was made from my mother’s dresses.

grandmasquilt rs

Grandma’s Quilts

In her old rocking chair, with love and with care
She cut the remnants of cloth
With scissors she clipped, she sewed and she snipped
The pieces as she had been taught

The patterns were varied, and before she was married
Her mother had taught her this skill
As each quilt was sewn, those before her had shown
The love of this craft to instill

With the quilt in a frame, the neighbors all came
Chatting with thimbles in hand
Each stitch must be fine as they wove the designs
Of lines, flowers, feathers and fans

There was Around the World, and the Sun Bonnet Girl
She had made for her granddaughter’s bed
She pieced Irish Chain, and Double Wedding Ring
That I now proudly use for a spread

As I look at each block, my mind wanders in thought
While I gaze on this prized legacy
On each square that I look, it’s like reading a book
Of my own family’s dear history

My pink striped pinafore and the dress Peggy wore
Her time on earth was so brief
A kaleidoscope of colors, each one touching others
This story of life in relief

Cloth from grandfather’s vest and grandma’s wedding dress
Each block has a story to tell
I see my sister’s old skirt, and my father’s blue shirt
And mother’s checked apron as well

These are treasures to me, as each quilt that I see
My mind floods with fond memories
Of those that I love, who look down from above
Grandma’s quilts are so precious to me

Our lives mirror these pieces, and my mind never ceases
I’m amazed at God’s love for all man
If we accept what He taught us, by blood He has bought us
If we will follow the Master’s Plan

He will piece our lives together, depending on whether
We accept His love unafraid
Then our whole life will be, an heirloom from Thee
Like the quilts that Grandmother made.

Sue Ikerd

Copyright 2003 ©

2 Responses to Grandma’s Quilts

  1. Janet Davis

    Love it. Beautiful poem. Janet

  2. Lorinda Jump


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