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It was a place we all once lived, in a town that’s never been When everyone knew their neighbors and everybody was a friend When stories had a moral and goodness always won When a father took the time, to go fishing with his son A place where children played outdoors and elders were respected … Continue reading »

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The Old Barber Shop

In memory of my dad. The Old Barber Shop At the old barber chair, he stood and cut hair From early to sometimes late night With clippers he’d clip, and shears he would snip Until the cut was just right With a skill now unknown, he could sharpen and hone His straight razor on the … Continue reading »

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Birth of Freedom

Birth of Freedom I wrote this after a visit to Boston and Lexington Green. It was so moving to walk on the Green and hear the story of how these brave men had the courage to fight for and found our country and how our freedom was born. April 19, 1775 Mad King George said take … Continue reading »

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OUR FLAG Beginning with Washington, through history and time A symbol of freedom in story and rhyme It was watched through the night by Francis Scott Key As he penned the words, “Oh say can you see” Through our country’s wars it continued to fly On Iwo Jima brave men hoisted it high Raised on nine eleven … Continue reading »

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Freedom Isn’t Free

FREEDOM ISN’T FREE I lost my life at Valley Forge my hand froze to my gun I was but still a lad my life had just begun Because we chose to bravely fight and die for liberty Our great nation did emerge Freedom isn’t free It was spring at Chancelorsville I fought in a field … Continue reading »

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