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The Christmas Visitor

Posted by on December 16, 2016


The Christmas Visitor

It was deep down in November and I was dreading the cold December
With the all the frantic shopping and the stress
Thinking back to childhood days and the slow and simpler ways
I wondered how we ever got into this mess
Then as I lay there napping I was awakened by a tapping
And I quickly rose up from my cozy bed
As I saw the apparition all dressed in fur and crimson
And it filled me with anxiety and dread
Groggy from a fitful slumber, I stared in awe and wonder
As this vision appeared before my eyes
Was this just my imagination or a weird hallucination
But the visitor looked so kind and wise
So with some trepidation and a bit of fascination
I questioned if he were real or just a dream
As he slowly took a chair, he seemed without a care
His twinkling eyes had a special gleam
He said, “I am the Christmas Spirit” and I should not dread or fear it
But share with all the age old Christmas story
When God’s intervening, gave each life a special meaning
On that day he sent his Son to earth from Glory
It’s not about the gifts we’re giving but the way we each are living
And the love we share with one another
It’s not about the stress and excess but the meaning of forgiveness,
And imparting God’s gift of love to each other.
As I saw it start to snow, he then calmly rose to go
But he paused, knelt and bowed his head
He said a prayer for those on earth and thanked God for Jesus birth
And my heart was no longer filled with dread
Now I will embrace the Christmas season and not forget the reason
We celebrate his birth this time each year
I will share this gift of love that God sent from up above
And wish one and all glad tidings and good cheer.

Have a Blessed Christmas

Sue Ikerd
November 18, 2013

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