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We Walk Among Heroes

Posted by on June 5, 2014

 I wrote this in tribute to Dr Tommy Macdonnell  and all the soldiers from WWII I grew up with not realizing I was among heroes. And for all the other veterans who have bravely served.

We Walk Among Heroes

He was bent over and gray as he shuffled along
But back in his day he was handsome and strong
He landed on D-Day in forty-four
Forever etched in his mind the horrors of war
People rush past him and don’t realize
They’d see a hero if they looked in his eyes

Soldiers and veterans all over the land
Served from Guadalcanal to Afghanistan
Fighting oppression and tyranny
They gave their lives so some could be free
So many battles and so much death
Our flag still is flying from these soldiers’ last breath

Walking through fields of stones and white crosses
It’s hard to grasp the heartaches and losses
Families and friends left here to mourn
But freedom was won for those yet unborn
As they cover the hills beneath the green sod
I walk among heroes now home with God

Sue Ikerd
May 28, 2014

Copyright 2014 ©

2 Responses to We Walk Among Heroes

  1. Don Shockley

    Very good and timely poem for Tommy MacDonnell, and others, especially since the documentary with Dr. MacDonnell is airing about now. He not only served in the war, but as his father before him served Webster and surrounding counties in Missouri for many years.

  2. Barbara Medlock

    Great! I think one of your best.

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