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How Can You Stop A Miracle

Posted by on August 6, 2015



I’m the grandmother of a grandson who weighed 3 lbs 1 oz at birth. I watched as he struggled for each breath and then grow into a fine young man. I had a granddaughter who was stillborn and I often wonder what her life could have been like. I think each life is important and each should be given the chance to live.

I am nestled in my mother’s womb waiting to be born

Made by my Creator, I am uniquely formed

My little body’s growing from my perfect little nose

Down to my tiny fingers and my teeny tiny toes

Within me beats a heart, just like your heart beats too

I only want the chance for life like your mother gave to you

Who knows who I might become if only given time

Consider for a moment, it’s not your life it’s mine

How can you stop a miracle, I just can’t comprehend

I beg you not to take my life, not to make it end

Please let me breath my first breathe, let me have a voice

Dear God let them understand I’m a child I’m not a choice

Sue Ikerd

Copyright 2006 ©

3 Responses to How Can You Stop A Miracle

  1. Becky Balding

    Hi sweetie, this is soooo what I needed to here today!!!
    thank you for continuing to wright about our Lord Christ!!!
    love you

  2. Janet Davis

    Another beautiful poem, they all have such meaning!

  3. Tom & Bernice Ikerd

    This this is so touching, whoever reads this will appreciate what you have written. Keep up the good
    work with words. You have a wonderful talent!!!

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