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Come Next Spring

Posted by on January 29, 2016

Come Next Spring

I wrote this after listening to a sermon by our dear pastor, Rev. Larry Daily 

I guess that all my life I’ve been a procrastinator
When things really needed done I’d say, “I’ll do that later”
But I had priorities; to make money was my aim
Other things could wait for now, I’ll do them come next spring

I love my wife and children but I’m a busy man
I’d like to spend more time with them, maybe someday I can
But I have to make a living, we need so many things
I’ll have more time for family, maybe come next spring

I may have said something to my neighbor to offend
I’ve been meaning to apologize and try to make amends
But the sky is dark and cloudy and it looks like it’s gonna rain
I’ll wait for a sunny day; I’ll go come next spring

My dad’s no longer with us, mother lives alone
I know that I should visit more and call her on the phone
But mother knows I’m busy, tomorrow I’ll give her a ring
But I have other things to do; I’ll visit come next spring

I know the Good Book tells us we should keep the Sabbath
But sleeping late on Sunday has gotten to be a habit
I plan to read my Bible, I promised God I’d change
But I’m too tired right now I’ll do it come next spring

Spring has come and gone, I’m in the winter of my life
My kids are grown and married; I no longer have a wife
I went to see my neighbor but he could not be found
I visited my mother when they laid her in the ground
I never got around to church, religion’s not my thing
But now my life is ending, there won’t be another spring

In despair I turned to God and found He was still there
Waiting for me patiently with His loving grace and care
I pleaded for forgiveness, to my Maker and my King
He said, “I forgive you now, you won’t have to wait ‘til spring”

If I could live it over I’d make some changes in my life
I would put God first and then, my children and my wife
Friends and neighbors are important; I’d not live my life in vain
I’d live each day as if it were the first day of spring

Sue Ikerd


Copyright 2003 ©


2 Responses to Come Next Spring

  1. Max Evans

    Great Poem from Sue my favorite writer. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Janet

    Love it!

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